another quick post about the Venus Transit tomorrow…   2 comments

Please check out this nice film from the California Academy of Sciences on tomorrow’s once in a lifetime event:

Venus transits have been used throughout history to help measure the distance between the Earth and the Sun, an “astronomical unit” or AU, in particular, the transit pairs in 1761, 1769, 1874 and 1882. Here is a great newspaper account from our fair city at the 1882 transit:

“Many of the residents of San Francisco were noticed yesterday with a piece of smoked glass to their eye, looking curiously at the sun, between the hours of about sunrise and noon, during which time Venus was visible; and even under these disadvantages without the aid of a suitable telescope, it was still a grand and beautiful spectacle. All who missed a view of the transit of Venus are to be commiserated, for should they live to be 100 years old the chance will not come again occur.” (San Francisco Chronicle)

The transit tomorrow was paired with the one in 2004.  The next one will not occur until 2117. DON”T MISS IT!!!!

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2 responses to “another quick post about the Venus Transit tomorrow…

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  1. Hey Theresa,
    We’re SO excited…….I’m pretty sure we’re the only kids on the block with actual Astrono-Me! Productions approved safety glasses! Thanks so much for alerting us and providing so much info on these special events……

    I have a cool photo that I wanted to attach, but don’t know how here……the night of the annular solar eclipse, we were on a patio of a restaurant and must have shared our glasses SO many people, the hostess, servers, bus boys, and many fellow diners. It was so much fun and we thank you again for giving us the two pair. I was thinking at the time that if you’d been there with us, you could have made a killing on selling them!!!

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