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A video about this Sunday’s Solar Eclipse…   Leave a comment

This youtube video is from the Morrison Planetarium / California Academy of Sciences.  It is a great overview of what happens during an eclipse and how to watch one safely.

Check it out:

Jupiter, Venus and the Moon   Leave a comment

I hope you all have been enjoying the beautiful show in the sky the last few days. For those who don’t know, shortly after sunset you will see what appears to be two bright stars.  The lower, brighter one is Venus and the upper one is Jupiter. (I’m sure you can pick out the Moon.) Besides a lovely vista, why is this special?

The planets, unlike the stars, move ever so slightly from night to night. (Well, the stars move, too, but it isn’t visible with your eyes from Earth.) The word planet actually comes from the Greek word for “wanderer”.  The planets can appear to wander from our vantage point  as they move in their orbits and the Earth goes around the Sun.

So while the planetary motion is nothing supernatural, the view is out of this world!

This image is from Enjoy. Image

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